Is Moxibustion Treatment safe?

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29 Sep 2022

The answer is definitely a YES! Moxibustion Treatment make use of Chinese Mugwort (艾草)which has a mild herbal effect. Our therapists are professionally trained and experienced, they will make sure that Moxibustion Stripe (艾灸条)is burning at a healthy distance from the skin. The heat from the Moxibustion Stripe (艾灸条) will flow through the skin into our body meridian and reach the points that is needed.

  • Possible Reactions:
  • Dizziness,
  • Cough,
  • Itchy Blister

These are normal reactions; in the Traditional Chinese Medicine, it mentions that every person has a different body composition, which may cause different results and reactions from the Moxibustion Treatment. On the other side, these reactions are showing that the coldness is expelling from inside of the body.