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Had misty brows done by the experienced director herself, Ms Sandra Wu, who carried out an amazing job! Will recommend this to others 🙂 Moreover, the staff are sweet, well-groomed and well trained, and I did my eyelashes here as well. Thank you Sixth Sense Beauty!

Xj Liu

Thank you Sandra! So happy with your design and technique! I am very pleased with the result! 10/10! Will definitely come back for eyeliner embroidery next round!

Glysa Rimorin - Buenaventura

I highly recommed Sixth Sense for their Misty Eyebrow Embroidery. The founder, Sarah is so professional. She patiently 'sketch' my desired brows close to perfection. Kudos to the friendly team who kept me occupied while waiting for my turn. Overall result and service is beyond my expectation. Thank you.

Kyann Lim

I have been with Sixth Sense since Dec 2018. I used to visit aesthetic during start of 2018 for about 8 months due to the heavy outbreak of the acne. At first, I did not trust that facial can treat my acne and scarring issue. I got to know the boss Sandra as she used to be my client. She suggested me to to to her salon to do facial treatment. The beautician who did it for me was Alice, my first session around 2 hours and Alice recommended me to use Vitamin A serum day and night to help repair my skin. 2 months later, I can see Great Great Improvement on my skin! Overall, I'm really happy and satisfied with the treatment I have received with Sixth Sense Beauty & Wellness. THANK YOU SIXTH SENSE.

Joanna Ong


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